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2009-04-22 20:24:54 by JambaIaya

deleted with over a year of my work, over 1 submission, without warning...


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2009-04-23 01:08:52

yeah they should be more fair about it


2009-04-23 20:49:02

Its about fucking time


2009-04-23 21:01:45

Its a shame for you, but spamming can get you into trouble now. There are way too many people doing that here.

JambaIaya responds:

why is it, what makes a submission spam? you may think it is simple but it isn't, it is very, very complicated...


2009-04-24 17:03:16

What I ment is that for the past years that ive been here, I saw many people sending junk flash (a spam submission or whatever the hell you call it) through the portal with no real effort done on it (sometimes) and most of the time they manage to pass. Of course there are some reasons for this like maybe getting turd of the week or just pissing off users.

Wade in his mind had a good reason to delete your account. Now I dont know whats fair about this since I only saw like one of your work in a collab, but if it involved deleting your account with all the work you have done so far, something about your spam submissions must have clicked in him.

What makes a spam flash a spam flash?

A submission that is intentially made bad with it being incredibally short and random. This can include:

Text and nothing else
An animated figure doing something over and over
One or a few of random scenes with no plot
A picture and nothing else

This does not include:

An actual bad flash made with some effort and no intention of it being made bad

Your right, it is complicated to actually define flash spam. As im typing im still trying to correctly define it and revise what I typed so far, but hey I did my best.

Still that does not mean I cant tell whats spam and whats actually not spam.

JambaIaya responds:

no sir, how would that be true if you don't know if i'm doing it on purpose, i can poke holes in your logic all day, you are insignificant.


2009-04-24 21:06:43


JambaIaya responds:



2009-04-26 23:26:48

Spam is spam. Even if you could poke the logic on my definition of a flash spam (which I still very question even though I wrote it) all your life, theres no denying that theres some actual truth in there.

You know why they call junk mail spam? Because its just another way of calling it junk, crap, useless ect.

You are insignificant for whining about your imaginary account on the internet being deleted for spamming in the first place. You can say whatever you want after this and ill let it be but when it comes down to it, were all insignificant anyway. Me for trying to argue with the pointless, you for the obvious, pretty much everyone who thinks what anyone does is important.

I dont care, im tired now.


2009-05-01 17:17:03

Your life is useless and your flash is crap, You should be IP banned from the site.

JambaIaya responds:

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